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Abducted Schoolchildren and Staff Maltreated, Ransom Demand Continues


In a distressing turn of events, Gabriel Adesanya, the proprietor of the Apostolic Faith Group of Schools in Emure Ekiti, has reported that the kidnappers responsible for the recent abduction of schoolchildren and staff are subjecting them to severe maltreatment. The incident occurred on the Emure-Ekiti-Iporo Ekiti road when gunmen attacked a bus carrying over 25 pupils and staff members after school hours.

Adesanya disclosed to Punch on Wednesday that the perpetrators, during phone calls to parents, could be heard flogging the abducted children, causing immense distress. The gunmen have reportedly insisted on the N100 million ransom they demanded earlier and have issued threats of drastic actions against the schoolchildren and staff if their demands are not met promptly.

“The kidnappers have started to maltreat the abductees, and it is causing a series of problems right now. They called the parents of the pupils who were abducted, and the husband of one of the women. We were told that during their calls, they heard how they were flogging the children and the way they were crying to call the attention of the parents,” Adesanya expressed.

The kidnappers, using different phone numbers, have contacted close to five relatives, emphasizing the urgency of the ransom. Adesanya revealed that the perpetrators are using phones unrelated to their victims, heightening the complexity of the situation.

“The kidnappers have called close to five relatives so far. They called the mother of two of the kidnapped pupils and asked how much she had gotten so far, but she replied that she did not have anything yet. The husband of the female worker they called said his wife complained that they were maltreating her and the children,” he added.

As the community grapples with the harrowing situation, concern continues to mount for the safety and well-being of the abducted schoolchildren and staff members. Authorities are urged to take swift action to ensure the safe rescue of the victims and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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