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Parents of Model Accused in Nigerian Boyfriend’s Killing Arrested in Connection to Daughter’s Case


In a shocking twist to the Courtney Clenney murder case, the parents of the OnlyFans model, accused of fatally stabbing her Nigerian boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, have been arrested in Austin, Texas, on charges related to evidence tampering.

Kim and Deborah Clenney were taken into custody on Tuesday, January 30, accused of unauthorized access to a computer, a third-degree felony in Florida, where the tragic incident occurred, as reported by an arrest warrant obtained by NBC News.

The laptop in question belonged to Christian Obumseli and was left in the Miami apartment shared by Clenney and her late boyfriend. Allegedly, Clenney’s parents, along with their lawyer, Frank Prieto, were involved in a group chat discussing potential passwords for Obumseli’s laptop and the transfer of possession, according to NBC.

Investigators obtained warrants for the parents’ iCloud accounts, revealing messages between them and their lawyers on how to access the laptop. Kim Clenney reportedly claimed to have correctly guessed the pin passcode.

In one exchange documented in the warrant, an attorney advised Kim to “hold off on going through the computer” to avoid becoming a witness prematurely. Kim responded by stating he “didn’t see anything” as he had not opened any files before starting a video call.

The laptop, central to the investigation, was eventually handed over to defense attorneys. The Travis County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest of the Clenneys on January 30, emphasizing their involvement in executing an out-of-state warrant while maintaining no direct involvement in the case.

As the legal proceedings unfold, questions surrounding the murder case intensify, with the focus now expanding to include the actions of Clenney’s parents and their alleged interference with crucial evidence. Authorities are expected to delve deeper into the details surrounding the tampering allegations to ensure a fair and just resolution to this tragic incident.

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