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Policewoman and Six Others Killed in Benue State Bank Robbery


A policewoman, identified as Emmanuella Ankyov, has been identified as one of the victims in a harrowing bank robbery incident that left seven people dead in the Otukpo area of Benue State.

The robbery occurred on a fateful Friday at approximately 3 p.m. when suspected armed robbers descended upon several banks in Otukpo, Benue State. These assailants, wielding firearms, unleashed a hail of bullets, leading to the loss of lives among the residents of Otukpo.

Among the casualties were seven individuals, including police officers and a former councillor who were present at one of the targeted banks. The suspected robbers, displaying audaciousness, operated with impunity for over an hour, plunging the community into a state of shock and mourning.

Otukpo, serving as the political hub of Benue South Senatorial District, is home to the Idoma and Igede ethnic groups. The incident sent shockwaves through this tranquil region, prompting concerns about the state of security and law enforcement in the area.

An eyewitness, Sunday Abah, recounted the incident and expressed dismay that the gunmen operated for an extended period without any effective security intervention. The prolonged violence left a mark of fear and unease in the community, with residents seeking answers and reassurance regarding their safety.

In the wake of this tragedy, friends and colleagues of the fallen police officers have turned to social media to grieve and pay tribute to the deceased. The incident has brought into focus the pressing need for enhanced security measures and a swift response to criminal activities in the region, as the community grapples with the loss of seven of its own.

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