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Minister of Youth Development Assures Nigerians of Measures to Address Youth Immigration


The Minister of Youth Development, Jamila Ibrahim, has provided assurance to the Nigerian public that the administration led by Bola Tinubu is actively working to establish measures that will address the mass emigration of young people from the country.

This declaration was made on Friday during a youth engagement event known as the ‘Youth Agenda Summit,’ held under the theme ‘Actioning the Nigeria We Want.‘ The summit was organized by ILEAD AFRICA.

Representing the Minister at the summit, an Assistant Director in the Ministry, Oyekan Adedoyin, urged the youth to cultivate innovation and actively contribute to the development of the nation.

Minister Ibrahim emphasized the pivotal role that young people play in the country and urged them to actively participate in the nation-building process. She acknowledged the complexity of Nigeria as a nation but underlined the government’s commitment to establish a conducive environment for both the country and its citizens.

She stated, “Nigeria, as we have it, is so complex, but we need to be part of the building process. Government is ready and actively working. One of the first steps taken by the government is the establishment of a dedicated youth ministry that stands independently. There has been an increase in youth appointments to various positions, which serves as a clear call to action for the youth.”

Regarding the issue of youth emigration, Minister Ibrahim acknowledged that while migration is a common global phenomenon, the government is working to create conditions that encourage young Nigerians to stay and contribute to their home country. She also hinted at forthcoming innovative solutions designed to address this concern.

“As we embark upon this transformative journey, let us seize this moment to amplify the voices of our youth, cultivate collaborative endeavors, and ignite positive change,” she concluded.

The reassurance from the Minister reflects the government’s commitment to harness the potential of Nigeria’s young population and foster an environment that encourages them to remain in the country while actively participating in its development.

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