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FCT Minister Threatens Closure of Illegal Motor Parks in Abuja Amid Rising ‘One-Chance’ Robbery


Abuja, Nigeria – The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has issued a stern warning regarding the proliferation of illegal motor parks in Abuja, citing concerns over the surge in ‘one-chance’ robberies that have plagued the city in recent weeks. ‘One-chance’ robberies involve criminals posing as commercial vehicle operators to target and rob unsuspecting victims.

During a conversation with journalists in his Abuja office on Thursday, Wike conveyed his determination to combat the rising instances of robbery and kidnapping within the city. To this end, the FCT Administration has been working diligently to address these security challenges.

Wike revealed that a joint task force dedicated to addressing cross-border crimes, with a specific focus on ‘one-chance’ robberies, was established just last week. This task force aims to enhance security and ensure the safety of residents and their property.

The former governor of Rivers State attributed the increase in criminal activities in the capital city to illegal motor parks and the utilization of incomplete buildings by criminals as hiding spots.

“We’re receiving numerous reports of kidnappings here and ‘one-chance’ incidents there,” Wike stated. “In many cases, we do not publicize the actions that have been taken, but I can assure you that the security agencies have been making substantial efforts. Otherwise, the state of security in the FCT would be very different by now.”

He emphasized the critical role that uncompleted buildings and makeshift structures play in the operations of criminals. To address this, Wike emphasized the need to demolish these structures that have turned into hideouts for criminal elements, eliminating their shelter.

Wike also discussed the establishment of a joint security task force, comprising the State Security Service (SSS), the police, the army, and the navy, to tackle ‘one-chance’ robberies and border control issues. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to addressing security concerns in the region.

Furthermore, Wike highlighted the existence of illegal motor parks in the city, pointing out the security implications of these unregulated facilities. While acknowledging economic challenges, he stressed the need to prioritize security over convenience, particularly in the face of rampant criminal activities.

The announcement by the FCT Minister indicates a proactive response to address the security issues plaguing Abuja and a commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

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