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Delay in Autopsy Results and Burial of Late Nigerian Rapper Mohbad Raises Concerns


Lagos, Nigeria – James Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian rapper, Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has expressed his concerns over the delayed release of his son’s autopsy results and the subsequent burial.

Mr. Aloba has suggested that some Nigerians have reported seeing visions of the deceased rapper, speculating that it might be due to the delay in his burial.

Mohbad tragically passed away on September 12, 2023, and was laid to rest the following day. However, his body was later exhumed for an autopsy, which was intended to aid investigations into the cause of his death. Following the autopsy, his remains were placed in a morgue, awaiting further action.

In a recent interview with Stams TV, the grieving father shared his concerns about the extended delay in releasing the autopsy results and conducting the burial. He acknowledged that he was not prepared for the protracted process and expressed the hope that the autopsy would not cause further suffering for his son’s remains.

Mr. Aloba also mentioned that some individuals have reported seeing visions of Mohbad, speculating that it could be linked to the fact that he has not been buried yet. As a result, he is determined to reach out to the authorities, specifically the police, to expedite the release of his son’s body so that the burial can take place without further delay.

“This autopsy is taking time. I wasn’t aware it’ll take this much time because Mohbad’s corpse shouldn’t be suffering. But we are not more powerful than the government since Nigerians said that is what they want,” Mr. Aloba stated. He added, “I’ll call the senior police officer after this interview and ask if they’ve taken all they need from Mohbad so the burial can be done. A lot of people are saying he’s appearing to them, and it’s because he hasn’t been buried. We have to make preparations on how he’ll be buried as soon as possible.”

The situation surrounding the delay in Mohbad’s autopsy results and burial has raised concerns and discussions within the community, and his family is eager to conclude this chapter and ensure their son’s peaceful rest.

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