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Outrage Erupts as Seyi Tinubu Uses Presidential Jet for Private Trip to Polo Tournament

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In a move that has stirred public anger and criticism, Seyi Tinubu, the son of Nigerian President Bola Tinubu, utilized the presidential private jet for a personal excursion to Kano State to attend a polo tournament.

Reports indicate that Seyi Tinubu and his friends embarked on the trip to Kano on a Sunday to witness a polo tournament in the ancient city. Upon their arrival, they were received by officials from the state government.

This development has drawn significant attention, especially as the cost of jet fuel in Nigeria has reached an all-time high, further straining the country’s economy.

It is believed that Seyi Tinubu’s visit to Kano was likely in connection with the finals of the 2023 NPA Kano International Polo Tournament, scheduled to take place at the Usman Dantata Polo Ground. The tournament featured the Dangote Cup final between Golden Ranch and Agad/Rumbu, which started at 3.30 pm, and the Muhammadu Sanusi Cup final between the ‘winners’ and the ‘rest of the team,’ scheduled for 4.30 pm.

Critics have condemned Seyi Tinubu’s use of a presidential jet for what they perceive as a frivolous and unnecessary trip, especially given the economic hardships faced by many Nigerians. This incident has drawn comparisons to a similar controversy in January 2020 when President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Hanan, used a presidential jet for a photo tour in Bauchi State.

Jaafar Jaafar, a prominent Nigerian journalist from Kano State, expressed his discontent on social media, stating, “Here’s Tinubu’s golden child, Seyi, traveling in a presidential jet to watch polo in Kano. But this trend did not start today. Buhari set the bad example when he allowed his daughter Hanan to travel in a presidential jet for a photo tour in Bauchi. Even if our laws are vague on this, one thing is clear. This is an offence to the moral code of leadership.”

Other social media users joined in the criticism, highlighting concerns about the misuse of special forces units as Seyi Tinubu’s bodyguards during the trip and stressing the need for ethical and moral leadership in public office.

This incident is not the first time Seyi Tinubu has faced public backlash for his use of private jets for political activities. In November 2022, he attracted public outrage when he flew to Kano in a private jet to lead a rally in support of his father’s presidential election campaign ahead of the 2023 general elections.

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