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Pere Egbi Reveals What Drew Him to Mercy Eke in Candid Interview

by Quicktell News

Reality TV personality Pere Egbi recently opened up in an honest and revealing interview about what initially attracted him to his fellow BBNaija All Stars ex-housemate, Mercy Eke.

The former U.S. military man shared these insights during an interview on Sabi Radio, conducted by his colleague Miracle OP.

Pere emphasized that one of the primary factors that drew him to Mercy was her unwavering faith and deep love for God. He recounted how he had often observed Mercy Eke reading her Bible while they were both contestants in the Big Brother house, and this made a lasting impression on him.

Pere went on to explain that he greatly admired Mercy’s strong commitment to her faith. He recalled moments when she openly expressed her desire to pray, even as their friendship grew stronger during their time together in the Big Brother house.

Pere stressed that Mercy’s dedication to her faith played a pivotal role in forging a connection between them because he, too, shared a profound love for God.

“In the blue room, there was a small bible on the bed; that night, I took a peek, and she was reading the bible,” Pere revealed during the interview. He continued, “When you see Mercy, you won’t think she’s the type of person who is that spiritual with God. And every time, you see her praying every day.”

This candid interview provided a unique glimpse into the bond that formed between Pere Egbi and Mercy Eke during their time on BBNaija All Stars, shedding light on the role of faith and spirituality in their connection.


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