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White House Dog, Commander, Engages in Yet Another Biting Incident

by Quicktell News

Commander, the German Shepherd owned by US President Joe Biden, has reportedly bitten another Secret Service staff member.

The Secret Service confirmed this incident in a statement released on Tuesday, September 26, revealing that the attack occurred on Monday night at the White House complex. The injured officer received medical treatment following the incident.

According to Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, “Yesterday around 8 pm, a Secret Service Uniformed Division police officer came in contact with a First Family pet and was bitten.”

This alarming incident marks the eleventh reported instance of Commander biting a security guard either at the White House or the Biden family residence. Previous explanations provided by the White House press secretary attributed these attacks to the stress experienced by the dog due to its living conditions within the White House. Fortunately, none of the injuries resulting from these incidents, as described in the 194 pages of emails, have been categorized as serious.

Notably, another dog belonging to the Biden family, Major, has also been involved in multiple biting episodes with Secret Service agents. Following these incidents, Major was relocated from the White House and is currently residing with close friends of the Biden family.

Commander initially joined the White House household in 2021 as a puppy, presented as a gift from Mr. Biden’s brother, James. Alongside Commander, the First Family also shares their residence with a cat named Willow.

These recurring incidents involving the President’s dogs have drawn attention and raised concerns about their behavior and the safety of personnel within the White House. The White House and the Secret Service continue to monitor the situation closely to prevent any further incidents and ensure the well-being of all those residing and working within the presidential residence.

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