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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Applauds African Union’s Permanent Membership in G20

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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has expressed his approval of the African Union (AU) being granted permanent membership in the G20 group, a decision announced by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the ongoing G20 Summit in New Delhi, India.

The G20 is a coalition of the world’s most affluent and influential nations, and the inclusion of the AU as a permanent member signifies a momentous step towards greater global representation and cooperation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made this historic announcement during his opening remarks at the G20 Summit on Saturday, signaling a new era of collaboration and inclusivity in global governance.

President Tinubu, in response to this pivotal development, conveyed his enthusiasm for Nigeria to engage in meaningful collaboration with India and the international community. He emphasized that such cooperation holds the promise of bolstering the Global South’s standing on the world stage and fostering unity and progress among nations.

The president’s message, conveyed via his official communication channels, read as follows: “Prime Minister @narendramodi, the inclusion of @_AfricanUnion as a permanent G20 member is a pivotal moment for unity and progress. Nigeria is eager to collaborate with India and the rest of the world for the enhancement of the Global South.”

This announcement has the potential to reshape international diplomacy and cooperation, as the AU’s permanent membership in the G20 opens doors to a more equitable and inclusive global governance framework. President Tinubu’s support underscores the importance of this decision in advancing the interests and representation of nations from the Global South on the world stage.

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