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Landmark Deal Secured by Tinubu Leads to UAE’s Removal of Visa Ban for Nigerian Travellers

by Quicktell News

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, have finalized an agreement in Abu Dhabi that brings an immediate end to the visa ban imposed on Nigerian travellers.

The agreement, hailed as historic, not only marks a significant step towards stronger diplomatic ties but also paves the way for the resumption of flight operations by both Etihad Airlines and Emirates Airlines to and from Nigeria without any further delays.

One of the notable aspects of this agreement is that it does not require any immediate financial commitment from the Nigerian government. Instead, it focuses on bolstering economic cooperation between the two nations.

As part of the newly established framework, the Government of the United Arab Emirates is set to inject several billion U.S. dollars into the Nigerian economy. These investments will span various sectors, including defense, agriculture, and more. This move underscores President Tinubu’s economic development diplomacy initiative and aligns with the proposals he presented to President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Moreover, a joint foreign exchange liquidity program has been successfully negotiated between the two governments, with detailed plans set to be announced in the coming weeks.

In his closing remarks, President Tinubu commended President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his unwavering friendship and determination to collaborate in normalizing and elevating the standards of relations between these two significant nations.

This landmark agreement not only signifies a diplomatic triumph but also holds immense promise for Nigeria’s economic growth and the strengthening of ties between the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. Details regarding the specific investments and the foreign exchange liquidity program are eagerly awaited as both nations embark on a new era of cooperation and prosperity.

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