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Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Agency Condemns Seyi Awolowo’s Controversial Statement

by Quicktell News

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Agency has issued a strong condemnation in response to a statement made by Seyi Awolowo, a participant in the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) All Stars reality show.

The agency expressed concern over the remarks made by Awolowo during an interaction with fellow housemates, Pere, Soma, and Whitemoney, which has sparked outrage and backlash online.

In a video that surfaced recently, Awolowo bragged about saving money for his sons to “run trains” on other people’s daughters when they grow up. The controversial statement has been met with widespread criticism, with many viewing it as perpetuating harmful attitudes and contributing to a culture of violence and abuse.

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Agency, in a statement released on Sunday, emphasized the gravity of such remarks in fostering a toxic environment. The agency stated, “Such remarks perpetuate harmful attitudes and contribute to a culture of violence and abuse.” The statement further highlighted the troubling response of bystanders in the video, deeming it as enabling such behavior to persist.

The agency’s stance underlines the importance of speaking out against such remarks and behaviors that can normalize violence and disrespect. The agency urged individuals to actively address situations like this and not remain passive observers.

The statement from the agency also reinforced its commitment to addressing domestic and sexual violence. The agency provided a helpline, urging individuals to make reports and seek support.

The agency’s message conveyed a collective effort to create a society that values consent and is free from violence. The incident has ignited discussions about the responsibilities of public figures, such as reality show participants, in promoting positive attitudes and behaviors.

As the controversy continues to unfold, many are looking to see how Seyi Awolowo and the show’s organizers respond to the agency’s condemnation and the public outcry it has generated. The incident serves as a reminder of the broader conversations around consent, respect, and the role media plays in shaping societal norms.

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