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Rivers State Political Leaders Converge in Abuja for Swearing-In of Former Governor Nyesom Wike as FCT Minister


In a display of solidarity and political camaraderie, prominent political figures from Rivers State made their presence felt in Abuja today for the swearing-in ceremony of their former governor, Nyesom Wike, as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) minister.

The event took place at the State House Conference Center within the Presidential Villa, with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu officiating the inauguration of the 45-member Federal Executive Council (FEC).

Amidst a backdrop of national importance, the swearing-in ceremony marked a significant moment for both Wike and Rivers State. The former governor, having garnered significant popularity during his tenure, is set to assume a pivotal role as the FCT minister, indicating his continued contribution to national governance.

The distinguished attendees from Rivers State included a roster of influential political leaders. Notable among them was the incumbent Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, who took the occasion to honor Wike’s new endeavor. The Chairman of the Rivers State Council of traditional rulers, His Majesty Ohna Awuse, graced the event with his presence, underlining the traditional leadership’s acknowledgment of the occasion’s importance.

The event drew the participation of key figures within the Rivers State People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Amb. Desmond Akawor, the Chairman of the Rivers PDP, was present, signifying the party’s recognition and support for Wike’s latest role. Additionally, the Speaker of the Rivers State Assembly, RT. Hon Martin Amaewhule, marked his attendance as a representation of the legislative branch’s engagement in the event.

The ceremony highlighted the convergence of political leadership from Rivers State, transcending party lines, to celebrate Nyesom Wike’s transition into his new position. The presence of these prominent figures underscored the significance of Wike’s appointment in the larger political landscape and within the dynamics of Rivers State.

As the attendees gathered in Abuja for the swearing-in ceremony, conversations and speculations emerged about the potential impact of Wike’s appointment as the FCT minister. Observers and stakeholders keenly watched the proceedings, assessing how this development would contribute to the administration’s policies and objectives.

The convergence of top political leaders from Rivers State at the ceremony symbolized a collective affirmation of support for Wike’s new role and the larger objectives it represents. The event marked a coming together of regional and national political forces, setting the stage for a new chapter in Nyesom Wike’s political journey and its potential implications for the nation.

Below are photos of the political leaders in Abuja:

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