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Adamawa Police Apprehend Fraudster Impersonating ‘Ghost’ to Swindle Victims


The Adamawa State Police Command has apprehended a 59-year-old man identified as Muhammad Abubakar, also known as Malam Sabo, for allegedly posing as a ghost and engaging in fraudulent activities targeting members of the public.

The state command’s spokesperson, SP Nguroje, confirmed the arrest in a statement released on Monday, February 5, 2024. Nguroje revealed that Abubakar was well-known for his fraudulent activities, often operating under the guise of a ghost to deceive unsuspecting victims.

The suspect’s modus operandi reportedly involved using various voices, including those of women and children, to communicate with his victims and perpetrate his scams. Nguroje stated that Abubakar’s latest victim was one Abba Bale of Demsawo, whom he defrauded of the sum of three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000).

The police spokesperson disclosed that the case is currently under investigation, with plans to charge the suspect to court at the earliest opportunity.

Nguroje emphasized, “The suspect hides his identity pretending to be a ghost talking to his victims with different voices. The suspect, at times, changes his voice to sound like that of a woman or child to dupe his victims.”

The arrest serves as a warning to the public to remain vigilant and cautious of fraudulent schemes and individuals operating within the community.

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