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Former DSS Director Changes Stance on Ransom Payment After Personal Kidnapping Experience


In a surprising revelation, Mike Ejiofor, a former Director of the Department of State Services (DSS), has admitted to changing his perspective on discouraging families from paying ransom for kidnap victims. Ejiofor, who used to advocate against ransom payments, disclosed that his views shifted after he personally became a victim of kidnapping.

In an interview with Vanguard, Ejiofor addressed the rising spate of kidnappings in Nigeria and emphasized that the issue could still be curtailed with the right resources. He attributed the failure to address insecurity to the insufficient allocation of resources, pointing out that adequate measures have not been taken to tackle the problem.

“It (insecurity) is not out of control but people are worried. I am worried. The issue is that we have not deployed sufficient resources to tackle the problem,” Ejiofor stated.

He urged for proper oversight to ensure that funds allocated for security purposes are appropriately utilized. Ejiofor emphasized the need to prevent the diversion of funds by the leadership of security agencies, stressing that extravagant lifestyles should not be the priority.

Ejiofor candidly shared his change of stance on ransom payments, stating, “Before I became a victim, I had often said people shouldn’t pay ransom. But that notion changed after I became a victim. He who feels it knows it. Unless you are not involved, you will do everything possible, including payment of ransom, to release your relative.”

This revelation underscores the personal toll and emotional turmoil experienced by individuals directly affected by kidnapping incidents. Ejiofor’s acknowledgment sheds light on the complexities surrounding the issue of ransom payments, challenging the conventional wisdom and emphasizing the human aspect of these security challenges.

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