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Burkina Faso’s Interim Leader Reveals Reasons for ECOWAS Exit


In a recent revelation, Captain Ibrahim Traore, Burkina Faso’s interim leader, has shed light on the country’s decision to exit the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), citing a lack of support in the fight against terrorism and a deviation from the organization’s core values.

During an interview with Cameroonian journalist Alain Foka, Traore expressed his disappointment with ECOWAS, stating that the regional body had failed to provide assistance in the ongoing battle against terrorism and had veered away from its foundational principles.

Traore argued that ECOWAS was initially created to foster integration, promote development, boost the economy, and encourage solidarity and mutual aid. However, he contended that the organization had lost these values over time.

“Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the organization has lost these values. Today, the facts are clear. For more than a decade, Mali and Niger have been at war with terrorism. And in Burkina Faso, we’ve been at war for almost a decade. We have never received any aid from this organization,” Traore lamented.

The Burkina Faso leader further criticized ECOWAS for not adhering to its own rules, particularly by imposing sanctions that were not part of its founding charter. He pointed out that the imposition of sanctions was a violation of the organization’s texts, with the first transgressors being those considered advocates of democracy.

“We’re leaving, but we remain pan-African,” Traore asserted, emphasizing that the decision to exit ECOWAS was not impulsive but the result of a well-considered analysis.

The revelation highlights growing dissatisfaction within certain member states regarding ECOWAS’s effectiveness and adherence to its foundational principles, raising questions about the organization’s role in addressing regional challenges and fostering unity among West African nations.

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