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Usman Ododo Sworn In as Governor of Kogi State


In a ceremony held on Saturday, Usman Ododo, the winner of the 2023 gubernatorial election in Kogi State, has been officially sworn in as the new governor. The inauguration took place in Lokoja, the state capital, at approximately 2:24 pm.

Ododo’s ascension to the governorship comes just three months after his successful electoral bid, where he secured victory to take over from Yahaya Bello, who had completed his second term in office. The ceremony was attended by dignitaries, supporters, and political figures, symbolizing the peaceful transition of power in the state.

The oath of office was administered to Ododo, sealing his commitment to serving the people of Kogi State. Shortly after Ododo’s swearing-in, Salifu Joel Oyibot also took the oath of office as the deputy governor of Kogi State, further solidifying the leadership structure in the state.

As Governor Ododo assumes office, expectations are high for the implementation of his campaign promises and the continuation of developmental initiatives in Kogi State. The transition ceremony represents a pivotal moment for the state, marking the beginning of a new chapter under the leadership of Governor Usman Ododo. Stay tuned for more updates on the developments in Kogi State.

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