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NCC Explains Reasons for SIM Barriers Despite Successful NIN Linkage by Some Subscribers


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has provided clarification on the issue of some subscribers facing SIM card barring despite linking their numbers to their National Identification Numbers (NIN). The NCC explained that the affected subscribers are victims of duplicated National Identification Numbers.

During a media briefing in Lagos, the NCC addressed the concerns raised by subscribers who, despite completing the SIM-NIN linkage, experienced disruptions in their services. The Commission revealed that some third-party agents have been involved in the unauthorized duplication of NINs, causing confusion and discrepancies in the system.

Efosa Idehen, the Director of Compliance at the NCC, emphasized that when an audit is conducted on the system, it reveals the actual owners of the NINs, leading to corrective measures. He acknowledged that some individuals, for various reasons, engage in SIM-NIN linkage for financial gains, and the actions of registration agents contribute to the challenges faced by subscribers.

Idehen stated, “We have a lot of things that people do within the industry, especially SIM-NIN linkage for money purposes. Yes, people register their SIMs and try to link their NINs, but the agents doing those registrations do a lot of damage. We are seeing this and want to correct it. We want a situation where when people say they are the owners of their SIMs, there is no doubt.”

The NCC’s clarification aims to address the issues faced by subscribers and ensure the integrity of the SIM-NIN linkage process. The Commission encourages vigilance among subscribers and emphasizes the need for a reliable and secure system to enhance the overall telecommunications experience in Nigeria.

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