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Former President Buhari’s Photographer Dismisses “Jubril of Sudan” Controversy


In a recent interview on Channels Television’s ‘Morning Brief,’ Bayo Omoboriowo, the official photographer of former President Muhammadu Buhari, shared his perspective on the long-standing controversy surrounding speculations that Buhari was replaced by one Jubril of Sudan during his medical vacation abroad.

Recalling the period when Buhari fell ill and underwent medical treatment overseas, rumors circulated that the President had passed away and been replaced by an imposter, fueling conspiracy theories. However, Buhari completed his second term in office, and the speculation gradually faded away.

Omoboriowo, when asked about the claims during the interview, laughed off the notion that his former principal had been replaced. He stated, “I will say it and I owe nobody an apology. President Buhari, to me, is a man of grace.” Omoboriowo went on to recount a recent conversation with an elderly woman who questioned the authenticity of Buhari’s identity.

During the interview, Omoboriowo emphasized that as a photographer, he would have noticed any significant changes in Buhari’s appearance. He mentioned that he had observed the President’s recovery process and emphasized that it was more about documenting the story of a man who, upon his return from medical treatment, was still the same person to him.

Omoboriowo dismissed the notion of Buhari being replaced by “Jubril of Sudan,” stating that there was no remarkable difference in the President’s appearance before and after his medical treatment. He highlighted that the recovery process and subsequent weight changes were part of the normal medical journey.

The photographer concluded by expressing that he did not entertain doubts about Buhari’s identity during the controversial period, as their interactions remained consistent, and the President continued to recognize him by name. The interview aimed to shed light on the conspiracy theories surrounding Buhari’s identity and put the speculations to rest.

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