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Shocking Revelation as Zimbabwean Man Discovers Wife’s Hidden HIV Status and ARV Use


In a startling discovery, a Zimbabwean man has unveiled a shocking truth about his wife of three years, revealing that she is HIV positive and has been clandestinely taking antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) throughout their marriage.

The revelation, captured in a video that has gone viral, recounts how the man received a divine revelation through prayer, leading him to uncover the hidden location of his wife’s secret stash of ARVs.

In the video, the man explains how he was guided through prayer to a specific location behind their sofa, where his wife had torn a hole and concealed her ARVs. The man retrieves a black paper bag containing a blue bottle of TLD (tenofovir/lamivudine/dolutegravir), a widely recommended ARV regimen by the World Health Organization (WHO) for adults living with HIV.

Expressing his dismay, the man cautions those contemplating marriage, emphasizing the trust he had placed in his wife throughout their relationship. He laments being unaware of her HIV-positive status and her discreet use of ARVs, feeling betrayed by her actions.

“A warning to those who want to get married. I trusted her with all my heart and my soul. I stood with her in all her sickness and all her troubles but this is what she does to betray me,” he states in the video.

The man acknowledges the gravity of the situation, expressing gratitude for the divine revelation that exposed the truth. He highlights the potential risk to his health, stating, “She is taking ARVs, and I am exposed to the disease. She doesn’t care whether I die or I live.”

As the video circulates online, it has sparked discussions about trust, transparency, and the challenges faced in relationships. The man’s revelation serves as a cautionary tale, urging individuals to be vigilant and open in their relationships, especially when it comes to matters of health and well-being.

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