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Cybersecurity Specialist Advocates Reorienting “Yahoo Boys” Into IT Specialists for Societal Benefit

by Quicktell News

In a noteworthy recommendation, cybersecurity specialist Chidiebere Ihediwa has proposed that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) consider redirecting educated online fraudsters, commonly referred to as “Yahoo Boys,” toward becoming information technology specialists.

Ihediwa, a distinguished software developer, made this suggestion during an award ceremony held in his honor at the Police Officers Mess in GRA Ikeja, Lagos.

Arguing for a more constructive approach, Ihediwa emphasized the potential benefits of reorienting these individuals rather than keeping them in detention or subjecting them to destructive dissolution. He highlighted the dual nature of knowledge, distinguishing between positive and negative aspects.

“Even if there were many educated young men among the cyber fraudsters, their inherent knowledge was at variance with the ideal positive knowledge needed for societal development,” explained the cybersecurity specialist.

Ihediwa underscored the potential advantages of redirecting the skills and knowledge of “Yahoo Boys” toward more meaningful ventures, emphasizing the positive impact on the nation.

In a related development, Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki also revealed plans to train reformed internet fraudsters in advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and various vocational skills at the proposed technology park in the state. This signals a broader recognition of the potential for positive transformation and contribution to society by those previously engaged in illicit online activities.

The move aligns with efforts to harness the skills of individuals involved in cyber fraud for the betterment of society, promoting a shift from negative to positive knowledge application.

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