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Nigeria Police Advises Citizens Against Waiting for Free Rides Amid Kidnapping Concerns


In light of the increasing incidents of kidnapping in the country, the spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has urged Nigerians to exercise caution and avoid waiting for free rides. Adejobi delivered this advice in a video shared on his official X account, emphasizing the need for citizens to prioritize safety when using public transportation.

Adejobi recommended that individuals should patronize designated bus parks and registered vehicles, especially those marked for commercial purposes. He emphasized the importance of using government-approved parks and garages in various states and communities to ensure the legitimacy of transportation services.

The police spokesperson issued a specific caution to users of e-hailing platforms, urging them to verify that the vehicle arriving to pick them up matches the details provided in the online booking. This verification step is crucial to avoid falling victim to criminal elements who may exploit the vulnerability of passengers.

“If you want to board any vehicle anywhere, make sure this vehicles are registered vehicles, these vehicles are actually marked for commercial purposes. All states and our communities have designated parks and garages, let us patronize these parks and garages, don’t wait for free rides, patronize those known certified commercial vehicles for movement and for commercial purposes.

“If you do most of these bolt or Uber whatever make sure you confirm the number on your application, the one you have booked for online is the real vehicle that have come to pick you, these are simple things we need to take note of so that we will not fall victims of these criminal elements.

“One chance is real and you can see we have been working hard to make sure we tackle this problem of one chance. Please patronize marked registered commercial vehicles and of course government approved parks and garages in the FCT and other cities across the country.”Adejobi, stated in a video

The advisory comes as part of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to address security concerns and ensure the safety of citizens during their daily activities.

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