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Nigerian Army Faces Allegations of Harassment and Intimidation by Female Soldier


A Nigerian Army soldier, Ruth Ogunleye, has made serious accusations against three senior officers, alleging harassment, intimidation, and threats to her life. The accusations were brought to light in a video posted on TikTok, revealing a disturbing abuse of power within the military ranks.

Ogunleye claims that her ordeal began when she was posted to the Cantonment Medical Centre in Ojo, Lagos. According to her, a colonel at the center made unwanted sexual advances towards her, and upon her rejection, he allegedly resorted to threats of dismissal from the army, hindered her opportunities for promotion courses, and denied her requests for army passes.

The situation escalated further, as Ogunleye alleges that the colonel forcefully evicted her from her apartment and had her confined in a psychiatric hospital. In the video, she also mentions instances where the colonel allegedly attempted to assault her.

Expressing her frustration, Ogunleye stated, “I have evidence against him, and I have witnesses. He also stigmatized me that I have a mental illness. Anytime he feels like he wants to embarrass me, he asks some soldiers to beat me.”

Ogunleye anticipates that her disclosure might lead to her dismissal from the army but expressed that she can no longer endure the mistreatment.

In response, the Nigerian Army assured the public that it is committed to upholding the integrity and morals of its personnel. The army stated that appropriate actions would be taken based on the findings of the investigation. It urged the public to refrain from making hasty judgments and to allow the investigative process to unfold.

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