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RCCG Pastor Alleges: T.B. Joshua Facilitated Spouse Swapping for Childless Couples


Allegations have emerged from Pastor Debo Akinyemi of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), asserting that the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Pastor Temitope Joshua, engaged in the practice of making childless couples exchange spouses.

In a write-up published by ChurchTimes, Pastor Akinyemi shared his encounter with T.B. Joshua, revealing that he worked for a weekly newspaper called ‘The Exclusive,’ owned by the late pastor. According to Akinyemi, during his short tenure with Joshua, he observed married couples attempting to conceive being instructed to swap partners among themselves.

Akinyemi claimed that this ritual was purportedly conducted to facilitate childless couples having children. He further alleged that after the swap, numerous couples previously struggling with infertility issues started having children with their new partners. The pastor recounted that Joshua even proposed the swap to a colleague, Joe, who was seeking divine intervention with his wife. According to Akinyemi, Joshua advised Joe and his wife to break up and find new partners within the congregation.

While Akinyemi acknowledged Joshua’s seemingly meek demeanor, he also mentioned the late pastor’s reputed demonic anger, citing an incident where Joshua allegedly threw up a large glass-topped table in a fit of rage.

The pastor worked for ‘The Exclusive’ for a brief period, not staying longer than three months before T.B. Joshua folded the newspaper. Despite this short tenure, Akinyemi expressed his suspicions about the practices within the church, emphasizing the need to scrutinize spiritual leaders.

The claims by Pastor Akinyemi add to the controversies surrounding T.B. Joshua’s legacy, with the late pastor facing posthumous scrutiny following a recent controversial documentary by the BBC. The revelations and allegations are likely to fuel discussions about the late pastor’s practices and impact within his church and the broader religious community.

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