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Banker Takes Own Life Within Lagos Bank Premises


In a shocking turn of events, a marketing staff member at a bank in Lagos State, identified as Amarachi Ugochukwu, has reportedly taken her own life. The tragic incident occurred on Monday, January 8, within the premises of the bank located in the Ikorodu area.

According to sources, concern arose among Amarachi’s colleagues when her phone continuously rang on her desk without any response. Alarmed by the situation, they initiated a search for her within the office premises.

The distressing discovery was made when Amarachi was found lifeless inside one of the staff toilets, prompting her colleagues to force open the door. Alongside her corpse, a bottle of insecticide was discovered, indicating that she had reportedly ingested the poisonous substance.

The bank manager, who promptly reported the incident to the police, revealed the presence of a suicide note beside Amarachi’s lifeless body. In the note, she lamented the hardships she had faced and expressed despair over the worsening state of the economy.

Upon the arrival of police detectives at the scene, the lifeless body was transferred to the Ikorodu General Hospital for further examination. A doctor was called in to confirm Amarachi’s unfortunate demise, and an autopsy is expected to be carried out to ascertain the cause of her death.

The incident has left the bank community in shock and mourning as colleagues grapple with the tragic loss of their fellow staff member. As investigations continue, the circumstances leading to Amarachi Ugochukwu’s decision to take her own life remain a poignant and distressing mystery.

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