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CNPP Urges President Tinubu to Combat Corruption in Government


The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has called on President Bola Tinubu to prioritize the reduction of corruption and abuse of office within his administration. In an open letter dated January 8, the CNPP acknowledged President Tinubu’s New Year message and the responses from Nigerians to various promises made.

The letter, titled “Reduce Corruption in Your Administration,” was signed by Oloye Adegboyega-Adeniji, the Secretary General, South-West CNPP. Adegboyega-Adeniji reminded President Tinubu of his years of struggle as a veteran activist and opposition leader, emphasizing the need to use the presidency to foster and sustain Nigeria’s democracy.

The CNPP urged President Tinubu to eliminate anything or any action that does not promote national interest and development. Specifically, they called for a reduction in nepotism, which they labeled as the “Mother of all indices of corruption.” The group emphasized the importance of setting a worthy example and compelling civil and public servants to step aside from public office pending the outcomes of investigations.

The letter highlighted the loss of hope in probes and investigations, urging President Tinubu to take swift action, particularly in the case of Minister Betta Edu. Edu was recently suspended by the President due to her involvement in the approval of a disbursement of N585 billion into private accounts. The suspension is part of President Tinubu’s commitment to upholding integrity, transparency, and accountability in governance.

As the CNPP looks forward to the administration’s actions on reducing corruption, they expressed their commitment to engaging constructively with President Tinubu’s administration. The move comes ahead of the Edo state governorship election, emphasizing the importance of addressing corruption issues for the benefit of the masses.

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