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Former TB Joshua Disciple Reveals Witnessing Numerous Abortions Inside Synagogue


A former disciple of the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), TB Joshua, has come forward with shocking revelations of alleged sexual abuse, rape, and forced abortions within the church.

In an interview with BBC Africa, Bisola Afeye detailed her 14-year experience at SCOAN, where she claims to have witnessed and experienced disturbing practices.

According to Bisola, she was tasked with recruiting virgins for Joshua, who allegedly sought to bring them into the fold to be sexually exploited. She disclosed that disciples served Joshua in various ways, including massages, dressing assistance, and even participating in the disvirgining of young women. Bisola also claimed to have witnessed dozens of abortions performed at the church’s medical department.

Bisola attributed her involvement to a combination of indoctrination and threats of violence. She also disclosed that she, herself, was a victim of rape by TB Joshua. The former disciple revealed the extent of the control exercised by Joshua over his followers, describing an atmosphere of fear and submission.

Recounting her distress, Bisola mentioned moments when she would climb to the highest floor of the church compound to cry and beg God for salvation from the alleged abuses.

The interview is part of an investigation conducted by BBC Africa, which spans three continents and brings to light claims of systematic sexual abuse within the church.

As the story unfolds, it raises concerns about the practices that allegedly took place under the late TB Joshua’s leadership, prompting calls for further investigation and accountability.

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