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Rivers State Governor Emphasizes Commitment to Peace Amidst Political Crisis


Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State has reaffirmed his dedication to fostering peace and resolving the political turmoil within the state. The governor, addressing the people during the inaugural state banquet at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Monday, emphasized that his decision to embrace the eight-point resolution, facilitated by President Bola Tinubu’s intervention, stemmed from his love for the people.

Fubara clarified that his commitment to peace was not driven by fear but by a genuine desire for unity and development in the state. He urged the citizens to prioritize peace, emphasizing that his administration aimed to leave a legacy of unity and progress, steering clear of political conflicts that could impede development.

The governor stated, “Every decision that we have taken is not borne out of fear but because we have the interest of our people and we have respect for elders. I’m appealing to every one of us to embrace peace. We need this peace because our intention for the state is not for our interest but for the development of the state.”

Fubara assured the public that his administration would not engage in political conflicts that could undermine the state’s promising prospects. He underscored the importance of peace for the collective well-being of the people and expressed a commitment to decisions that would foster a harmonious and progressive environment in Rivers State.

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