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Osun State Governor Adeleke Unveils Vision for Economic Transformation in New Year Address


Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State has unveiled his vision to shift the state’s economy from its current civil service-centric model to a modern, agro-industrial-based, and creative industry-focused one.

In his New Year address on January 1, 2024, in Osogbo, Governor Adeleke outlined his plans for economic diversification, aiming for an export-oriented economy and positioning Osun as a global tourist destination.

The governor emphasized the importance of a functioning cargo/commercial airport in achieving these goals, particularly for facilitating export-oriented economic activities and boosting tourism. He sees Osun as a potential global attraction due to its rich Yoruba cultural assets.

Governor Adeleke highlighted the recently signed 2024 budget, indicating that it encompasses plans and agendas for reconstruction and eventual recovery. He reiterated his commitment to the principles guiding the five-point agenda of his administration, focusing on transparency, accountability, open government, localization, responsive leadership, and alignment with citizens’ aspirations.

Despite economic challenges faced by Osun and other states, Governor Adeleke commended President Bola Tinubu for his efforts toward economic restoration. He assured that various intervention funds received from the Federal Government and development partners are being carefully applied for their designated purposes.

Governor Adeleke acknowledged the serious economic challenges facing the state and pledged to refocus attention on alleviating the current economic hardship while simultaneously building the state’s economic base. He expressed confidence in achieving both goals, citing the accomplishments of the past year as evidence of the state’s capacity for growth and development.

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