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Senator Expresses Outrage as Security Agents Reportedly Arrest Victims Instead of Culprits in Plateau Massacre


In the aftermath of the recent attacks in communities within Bokkos and Barkin Ladi Local Government Areas of Plateau State on Christmas Eve, Senator Simon Mwadkwon has strongly criticized security operatives for their alleged failure to apprehend the perpetrators, resulting in numerous casualties.

Expressing his dismay, the former Senate Minority Leader highlighted that crucial information had been circulated to security agencies prior to the attacks, emphasizing that their failure to take proactive measures contributed to the tragic events. Speaking at his residence in Jos, Senator Mwadkwon argued that adequate security measures could have prevented the loss of lives and property in the affected communities.

Of particular concern to the senator was the reported arrest of some local residents, who he claims were merely defending themselves against the attackers. He expressed frustration that instead of apprehending the actual culprits, security operatives targeted innocent locals.

“Our pain is that before these attacks, intelligence was circulated to virtually all security agencies with access to information, predicting that this attack was going to happen. People were to be killed. But I’m sure, very sure, pretty sure that no proactive action was taken. And that is why the attack was able to take place, leading to the loss of lives and property. The aggrieved persons are the ones that have been arrested by the security agents leaving the culprits,” Senator Mwadkwon stated.

The senator called on the federal government to exhibit political will in addressing the escalating violence in Plateau State and Nigeria at large. He urged authorities to ensure the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the heinous crimes, emphasizing that accountability would serve as a deterrent.

“Why these attacks have continued unabated is because the perpetrators always go free. Nobody has ever been arrested and dealt with in accordance with our laws to serve as a deterrent to others and that is why they are emboldened. I don’t want to believe that these people are ghosts. They are human beings and must be arrested and made to pay for their crimes. These killings must not be allowed to continue anymore. People must be made to account for the atrocities they have committed,” he added.

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