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Canada Reinstates Caregiver Initiatives for Immigration Applications Starting 2024


The Canadian government has announced the reinstatement of two initiatives designed to welcome caregivers to the country through new immigration applications, effective January 1, 2024.

As per the details revealed by Canada, these initiatives are experimental projects lasting five years, allowing qualified caregivers and their families to move to Canada and establish permanent residence.

Under the updated information provided by the Canadian government, experienced caregivers now have the flexibility to choose between these two pilot programs for immigration to Canada, and this includes their families.

Additionally, a significant change has been introduced regarding the experience requirement for caregivers. Previously set at 24 months, it has now been reduced to 12 months to meet the eligibility criteria.

The statement from the Canadian government reads: “The Home Child Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot are 5-year pilot programs that let qualified caregivers and their family members come to Canada with the goal of becoming permanent residents.

“If you’ve been offered a job in Canada as a caregiver or have experience working in Canada as a caregiver, you may be able to apply for permanent residence through one of these pilots.

“The application process will be different depending on your situation and how much qualifying work experience you have. You now only need 12 months of experience instead of 24 months to qualify.”

This move is expected to streamline the immigration process for caregivers and enhance opportunities for those seeking to establish permanent residence in Canada.

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