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Wike Cautions Against Politicians Undermining Their Own Paths Amidst Fubara Dispute


In the midst of a political feud with his successor, Siminalayi Fubara, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, issued a stern warning to politicians, urging them not to undermine the path that led them to esteemed positions. The cautionary statement was made on Saturday at Wike’s residence in Port Harcourt during an address to the traditional ruler of Ogbaland, who came to extend birthday wishes.

Wike emphasized the importance of not dismantling the ladder used for ascent, as it may be absent when descending. He urged politicians to leave the ladder intact, allowing others the opportunity to climb as well.

The traditional ruler of Ogbaland, Nwachukwu Nnam-Obi III, along with other members of the traditional institution, visited Wike to felicitate with him on his birthday and appealed for peace amid the political crisis in the state.

In response, Wike assured the monarch that he would heed the advice and work towards a peaceful resolution. Dismissing claims that the political discord was rooted in ethnic differences, the former governor emphasized that ethnicity played no role in the matter.

Wike underscored the significance of adhering to rules within political groups, drawing a parallel with traditional institutions where leaders must follow established guidelines. He stressed the commitment to supporting peace and rejected violence in political processes.

“We didn’t vote based on ethnicity…but for the unity of Rivers. We shall never be part of violence but will always support peace,” Wike affirmed, concluding that adherence to political rules is essential for maintaining order within the political sphere.

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