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Lagos Deputy Governor Dismisses Claims of N2 Billion Scandal, Calls Them Untrue and Mischievous


Lagos State Deputy Governor, Obafemi Hamzat, has refuted allegations made by the Public Procurement Agency, asserting that his office received N2 billion for the purchase of rechargeable fans, lights, and fridges. In a memo addressed to the Director General of the procurement agency, Hamzat clarified that the approved budget for the project was N2 million, not the reported N2 billion.

The controversy arose as reports surfaced criticizing Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and Deputy Governor Hamzat for purportedly approving N7.5 million to replace liquid fragrance in the governor’s office and an additional N2 billion for rechargeable fans in the deputy governor’s office.

In a statement signed by the Director of Finance and Account, Tola Ekemode, on behalf of the Permanent Secretary in the Deputy Governor’s office, Hamzat labeled the agency’s report as “untrue, mischievous, fake, and unfounded.” The memo clarified that the actual approved amount for the supply items, including rechargeable fans, lights, and fridges, was N2,017,840, significantly less than the reported N2 billion.

Ekemode also addressed allegations regarding the deputy governor’s wife, stating that the reported monthly expenditure of N30 million for her outreach to indigents and empowerment program was inaccurate. According to the clarification, the approved amount covered the entire year at N2,500,000 per month for both initiatives.

The memo urged the procurement agency to promptly rectify the inaccuracies and provide the public with an accurate account of the approved expenditures. It emphasized the importance of preventing any unwarranted damage to the reputation of the deputy governor, his wife, and the office.

The Office of the Deputy Governor wishes to state in unequivocal terms, for your immediate action and the attention of millions of readers that the report is untrue, mischievous, fake, and unfounded,” the memo asserted. It concluded by emphasizing the commitment to maintaining the integrity of the office amidst attempts to tarnish its image.

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