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President Tinubu Vows to Alleviate Economic Hardship, Highlights Government Initiatives


In a bid to address the prevailing economic challenges faced by Nigerians, President Bola Tinubu has pledged to implement measures aimed at reversing the nation’s economic hardship. The assurance was conveyed on Wednesday in Uyo during the opening message at the All Nigeria Editors Conference (ANEC).

Represented by the Minister of Information, Mohammed Idris, President Tinubu acknowledged the difficulties faced by Nigerians and emphasized that the government had taken significant steps to mitigate the impact of the removal of petrol subsidy. Notable among these measures, as outlined by Mr. Tinubu, include the N35,000 wage award to civil servants, the allocation of N100 billion for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered buses, and the signing of five executive orders geared towards improving business operations.

Additionally, the administration has undertaken efforts to clear inherited foreign exchange backlog amounting to billions of dollars. The establishment of a committee aimed at reducing the tax burden on Nigerians is also among the initiatives outlined by the President.

“The pains being faced by Nigerians are necessary sacrifices we all have to make. We are all stakeholders in the development of our dear nation,” President Tinubu stated, recognizing the collective responsibility in addressing the nation’s challenges.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to ongoing efforts, President Tinubu assured that the administration is actively working towards ensuring a thriving and prosperous nation. He expressed openness to engaging in constructive discussions that contribute to the growth of the economy.

President Tinubu urged the media to play a crucial role in fostering truth and objectivity in the reporting of national issues. Emphasizing the theme of the conference, ‘Stimulating Economic Growth, Technological Advancement: Role of the Media,’ he underscored the vital role the media plays in shaping public discourse and facilitating informed discussions on economic and technological advancements.

As the government strives to address economic concerns, the President’s remarks at the ANEC signal a commitment to transparency, accountability, and collaboration with stakeholders to navigate the challenges facing Nigeria’s economic landscape.

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