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Daredevil Scene Unfolds as Man Walks on Tightrope Across Bridge and Train Tracks in Lagos


In a spectacle that left Lagosians both astonished and concerned, a video surfaced online on Thursday morning, showcasing an Estonian man, Jaan Roose, walking on a rope across the bridge and train tracks at CMS Bus Stop in Lagos State.

The viral video quickly captured the attention of netizens, prompting questions about the individual’s safety and the purpose behind such a daring act. Many expressed their surprise and curiosity regarding the motive behind this unexpected feat.

However, clarification soon emerged from Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s media aide, Jibril Gawat. According to Gawat, the jaw-dropping display was part of a project aimed at showcasing the beauty of Lagos State. The Red Bull team collaborated with the Lagos State Government through the Lagos Safety Commission for the event.

Jaan Roose, recognized as an Estonian slack liner and Guinness World Record holder, brought his skills to the bustling city of Lagos. Slacklining is a sport that combines elements of balance training, recreation, and a form of moving meditation.

Governor Sanwo-Olu’s administration, known for promoting various cultural and recreational activities, seemingly endorsed this unique showcase. While the stunt initially sparked concerns, the collaboration between the Red Bull team and the Lagos State Government sheds light on the purpose behind the thrilling performance.

As the video continues to circulate online, Roose’s daring walk on the rope serves as a testament to the diverse and unexpected forms of entertainment that can unfold in the vibrant city of Lagos.

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