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Keke Palmer Alleges Physical and Emotional Abuse in Legal Battle with Ex-Boyfriend Darius Daulton


In recently filed court documents, actress Keke Palmer has made disturbing allegations against her ex-boyfriend, Darius Daulton, also known as Jackson. The documents detail a history of alleged physical violence and emotional abuse that led Palmer to officially end their relationship in October 2023, after more than two years together.

Palmer claims that the abuse, which she says began in June 2021, included incidents such as the destruction of her personal property, throwing her belongings into the street, preventing her from driving away by taking her car keys, and even hitting her in front of their son. She further alleges that Daulton subjected her to verbal abuse, spewing profanities about her in the presence of their child, and making threats of self-harm with a gun if she were to leave him.

Despite their official breakup, Palmer asserts that the abuse did not cease. She presented security footage dated as recently as November 5, purporting to show Daulton trespassing into her home without her knowledge or consent. According to Palmer, this incident escalated into a physical altercation where Daulton allegedly threatened and attacked her, including lunging for her neck, striking her, and throwing her over a couch. The altercation reportedly concluded with Daulton stealing Palmer’s phone when she attempted to call the police.

In light of these allegations, Palmer is seeking legal intervention and is requesting that Daulton be mandated to complete a 52-week batterer intervention program.

In a written statement, Palmer explained that her decision to end the relationship was primarily driven by the need to protect their son, Leo, from the toxic environment created by the alleged abuse. She emphasized Leo’s safety and well-being as her top priority, expressing concern that Daulton’s behavior has become even more erratic and dangerous since the breakup.

As legal proceedings unfold, Keke Palmer is resolute in her pursuit of justice and the establishment of a safe environment for herself and her son. Darius Daulton has not publicly responded to the allegations at the time of this report.

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