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Nigerian Filmmaker Addresses Backlash Over Wife’s Wedding Interaction


Alex Kleanson, a Nigerian filmmaker, has spoken out regarding the backlash his wife, Ekene Umenwa, faced for her enthusiastic encounter with gospel singer Moses Bliss at their wedding celebration. During the wedding ceremony, the Nollywood actress expressed her excitement when Moses Bliss made a surprise appearance, and her reaction went viral online. Some critics argued that her enthusiasm was excessive in greeting the musician.

The officiating MC at the wedding, Deacon Famous, defended Ekene’s actions in a video shared online. He explained that her actions were not wrong and that hugging the gospel minister was a result of her excitement. Furthermore, he suggested that her act of kneeling was a way to connect with the singer’s spiritual blessings, as they engaged in heartfelt worship and prayer to God.

Alex Kleanson, Ekene’s husband, took to Instagram to address the situation, expressing that he was untroubled by his wife’s actions and telling critics to “shut up.” He wrote, “When God is involved everything becomes rosy… @ekene_umenwa God bless you @deacon_famous, you get time to explain, I am not complaining… God bless you real good my brother @mosesbliss thank you for surprising my wife. God bless you. Please all of you should close your mouth.”

In response to her husband’s post, Ekene expressed her gratitude, saying, “My king, the crown over my head, God is involved. May only the name of Jesus be praised. Amen. Thank you, my bestie @deacon_famous. Thank you, my bro @mosesbliss. I will forever be grateful you made my wedding more colorful.”

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