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Alabama Mayor and Preacher Takes His Life After Being Outed as Transgender Online

by Quicktell News

A shocking incident unfolded in Alabama as F.L. “Bubba” Copeland, the mayor of Smiths Station and a pastor at First Baptist Church in Phenix City, took his own life two days after being exposed as a transgender individual who had been leading a secret life online under the pseudonym “Brittini Blaire Summerlin.” Copeland, a married father of three, was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in front of sheriff’s deputies who were tailing him following a welfare check request.

The revelation about Copeland’s secret life came to light through a report by 1819 News, a news site associated with the conservative think tank, the Alabama Policy Institute. The report described how Copeland presented himself online as a “transitioning transgender curvy girl” who loved fashion and described himself as a “thick transgender woman.” He shared pictures of himself in women’s clothing, including lingerie, and even posted transgender porn, fiction, and erotica that he purportedly wrote.

Despite the exposure, Copeland initially downplayed the online material, referring to it as a harmless “hobby” that remained within the confines of his home. In a sermon delivered at First Baptist Church of Phenix City following the report, he acknowledged the scandal and stated, “The article is not who or what I am,” suggesting that his online presence was an attempt at humor.

Bubba Copeland was a well-known figure in his community, having led the city through recovery efforts after a devastating tornado hit the nearby town of Beauregard in 2019, resulting in 23 fatalities. He met with then-President Donald Trump during that period to assess the aftermath of the storm.

In a previous interview, Copeland spoke about the prevalence of suicide as a major concern in his community and described it as the number one problem they faced. The reasons behind such tragedies were believed to be linked to the military and the impact of social media.

The revelation of Copeland’s secret life and his subsequent death have sent shockwaves through his community and beyond, highlighting the complex and deeply personal struggles that individuals may face.

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