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APC Chieftain Joe Igbokwe Calls for Removal of Arise TV Journalist, Rufai Oseni


All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain, Joe Igbokwe, has made a firm declaration that he will not rest until Nigerian journalist Rufai Oseni is removed from Arise TV. The feud between Igbokwe and Oseni comes in the wake of a heated exchange between Oseni and Jesutega Onakpasa on Arise TV, during which they discussed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s policies and the challenging economic situation in Nigeria.

Taking to Facebook to express his displeasure, Joe Igbokwe voiced his criticism of Rufai Oseni, asserting that Oseni does not adhere to the rules of engagement when interviewing guests and lacks the qualifications to be considered a journalist. Igbokwe went on to make disparaging comments about Oseni and called on the management of Arise TV to send him back to a school of journalism.

Igbokwe’s Facebook post read, “I will not rest until that arrogant, saucy, uncontrollable Rufai Oseni is kicked out of Arise TV and sent to the University to read Mass Communication. He is not a journalist. He has no training in journalism. Therefore, the rules of engagement mean nothing to him.”

Igbokwe further criticized Oseni’s behavior and suggested that Arise TV should consider sending him to the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos to receive proper training in journalism. Igbokwe emphasized the importance of journalism as a profession that requires discipline, organization, common sense, commitment, and respect for human dignity, due to the significant impact of words.

He described Rufai Oseni as “an arrogant loudmouth” and criticized his lack of decorum, self-control, respect, honor, grace, understanding, and good temperament. Igbokwe concluded by stating that Oseni’s approach to journalism is not in line with the profession’s standards and called it “Jankara journalism,” suggesting it lacks substance and is filled with noise and fury.

Igbokwe expressed his discontent with the state of journalism on Arise TV and called for a more responsible and respectful approach to the profession.

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