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MultiChoice Nigeria Announces Third Price Hike for DStv and GOtv Amid Economic Hardship


In the midst of ongoing economic challenges, MultiChoice Nigeria has declared an upward revision in the subscription prices for its DStv and GOtv services for the third time in 2023. Anonymous sources within MultiChoice confirmed this development to Naija News.

The sources indicated that the new bouquet prices are scheduled to take effect from November 6.

Under the latest price adjustment, GOtv subscribers will see a 17% increase, with the Supa+ package now costing N12,500, up from the initial N10,500. DStv subscribers will also be subject to the price hike, with premium subscribers paying N29,500, as opposed to the previous N24,500.

This latest increase comes as Nigerians grapple with the repercussions of the removal of fuel subsidies and the depreciating value of the national currency in the foreign exchange (FX) market.

It is worth noting that President Bola Tinubu, upon assuming office, promptly removed fuel subsidies, resulting in a significant spike in the price of fuel, surging from around N189 per liter to over N600 per liter, its current selling price.

The increase in fuel prices has had a cascading effect, adversely impacting transportation costs and subsequently driving up the prices of basic commodities across the nation. Many Nigerians are finding it increasingly difficult to afford essential goods and services. The situation was further exacerbated when the Bola Tinubu-led government floated the country’s currency, leading to further depreciation in the FX market.

This is not the first time that MultiChoice has raised subscription prices for DStv and GOtv. In May, the Pay TV company increased subscription fees by 17%, following an earlier price adjustment earlier in the year.

The continuous escalation in subscription costs for television services like DStv and GOtv raises concerns among consumers who are already grappling with the economic difficulties brought about by recent policy changes and currency fluctuations. It remains to be seen how this latest price hike will affect the access to digital television services in Nigeria.

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