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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Dismisses Minister Over Gaza Ceasefire Appeal


United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has dismissed Tory MP Paul Bristow from his position as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) at the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology. The decision came after Bristow publicly called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, urging Prime Minister Sunak to endorse a lasting peace in the region.

Paul Bristow’s call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza stemmed from his concern for Palestinian civilians who, in his view, were experiencing “collective punishment” due to Israel’s blockade and a series of airstrikes following an attack by Hamas. Although his letter on the matter, dated October 26, was reportedly removed from his website, it remains accessible on his Facebook page.

Accompanied by a map, the letter emphasized that Palestinians should not endure “collective punishment for the crimes of Hamas,” an act that could potentially be considered a war crime. Bristow argued for a permanent ceasefire, which he believed would save lives and facilitate the continued delivery of essential humanitarian aid to those in need.

In his letter, Bristow strongly condemned the “brutal” and “unforgivable” attacks by Hamas against innocent civilians and stressed the importance of releasing hostages. He also made a distinction between “ordinary people” and the actions of Hamas, which he deemed brutal and unforgivable.

Paul Bristow’s call for a Gaza ceasefire resulted in his removal from the ministerial role, reflecting the sensitivity and complexity of the Israel-Palestine conflict within the UK government.

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