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Russian President Vladimir Putin Experiences Cardiac Arrest Amidst Speculations About His Health


Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest on a Sunday evening, further fueling speculations regarding his health. According to information from the Telegram channel known as General SVR, it has been suggested that recent public appearances made by the Russian President, both domestically and abroad, may have been carried out by body doubles.

The channel alleged that medical personnel had to resuscitate Putin before transferring him to a specialized intensive care unit located within his official residence.

The report from the channel detailed the incident as follows:

“At about 21:05 Moscow time, security officers assigned to protect Russian President Vladimir Putin, who were stationed at his residence, heard disturbing noises and sounds of objects falling emanating from the president’s bedroom. Two security officers swiftly responded and entered the president’s bedroom to find Putin lying on the floor beside his bed, with an overturned table, food, and drinks scattered.

“It is presumed that when the president fell, he collided with the table, causing dishes and items to crash onto the floor, resulting in the loud noise. Putin was observed to be convulsing on the floor, rolling his eyes. The on-duty doctors located in an adjacent room were promptly summoned.

“These doctors administered resuscitation, after determining that the president was in a state of cardiac arrest. Timely assistance was provided, the heart was successfully restarted, and Putin regained consciousness. Subsequently, the president was transferred to a specially equipped room within his residence, which already had the necessary medical equipment for resuscitation in place.

“We have previously raised concerns about Putin’s deteriorating health, attributed to conditions such as oncology and other ailments. The incident of cardiac arrest has raised serious alarms within the president’s inner circle, despite earlier warnings from attending doctors that Putin’s health was in a critical state and it was unlikely he would survive until the end of autumn.

“In recent times, all official meetings and events have been conducted by a purported body double of the president. Following the news of this evening incident, individuals close to Putin initiated discussions and agreed to hold consultations on the following day regarding potential actions if the president’s health deteriorates further.”

Adding credence to the claims, footage has emerged depicting an unexpected late-evening motorcade dash to the Kremlin, Russia’s center of political power, on the same Sunday evening. This is highly unusual as President Putin typically resides outside Moscow and not within his official apartment at the extensive government complex.

General SVR, which is allegedly managed by a former Kremlin lieutenant-general known by the pseudonym Viktor Mikhailovich, asserts that Putin’s key advisors and security personnel are orchestrating the activities of these alleged doppelgängers. Moreover, a recent Japanese TV report utilized artificial intelligence to analyze Putin’s facial features, gait, and voice across multiple appearances, concluding that body doubles might indeed be in use.

While there has been no immediate response from the Kremlin regarding these claims, it’s worth noting that officials have vehemently denied any health concerns regarding the 71-year-old President Putin in the past.

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