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Corporate Affairs Commission Exposes 189 Fake Companies Securing Land in Abuja


The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has uncovered a shocking revelation of 189 fake companies that allegedly acquired land allocations in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja through fraudulent means. The discovery was made public by the Registrar General of the commission, Hussaini Magaji, during a press briefing held in Abuja.

The investigation into these non-existent companies began after the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) raised a complaint regarding a purported company seeking land allocation. The complaint prompted further scrutiny, eventually leading to the unearthing of the vast network of fraudulent enterprises.

Magaji disclosed that two individuals, one of whom is a lawyer, have been apprehended in connection with this illegal scheme. The scam also appears to involve an unlawful association comprising individuals from the Abuja Geographical Information System, lawyers, and members of the commission.

During the briefing, Magaji explained, “Let me use this opportunity to inform the public that one of the major milestones achieved so far since I assumed office is our ability to bust a cartel or a network of individuals that are creating havoc for the commission.”

He went on to elucidate the modus operandi of the cartel, which manipulates the land allocation process to prioritize their applications over existing ones, facilitating land fraud within the capital city. This group, in collaboration with certain lawyers falsely claiming to be accredited agents of the commission and employees of the Abuja Geographical Information System, had successfully secured land in the FCT through deceptive tactics.

“As of yesterday, we arrested two suspects, including a lawyer, and we are interrogating them to get more information and clampdown on other members of this cartel. In the course of our investigation and research, we found that the companies do not exist,” Magaji revealed.

The Registrar General also outlined the commission’s vision for the future, emphasizing its commitment to increasing revenue. Part of this strategy involves taking action against companies that fail to disclose their annual returns, imposing penalties and sanctions. The enhanced revenue base will enable the commission to fulfill its objective of becoming a world-class entity.

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