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UNILAG Students and Parents Clash Over Mattress Mandate Amidst Tuition Hike


Tensions are running high at the University of Lagos State (UNILAG) as parents of students voice their frustration over the institution’s recent decision to require students to bring their own mattresses to the hostels.

This demand comes on the heels of a significant increase in tuition, hostel, and other fees, sparking outrage among the university community.

The university administration recently raised mandatory fees, including hostel charges, and mandated that students come prepared with their mattresses upon resuming classes later this month. This decision has left many parents and students in disbelief, as they grapple with the financial burden of these sudden cost hikes.

In an interview with Vanguard, one concerned parent expressed their dismay, likening UNILAG to a secondary school where students are asked to bring their own bedding. They questioned the logic behind such a requirement, particularly after the university had just raised tuition and hostel fees, placing an even heavier financial strain on students and their families.

UNILAG’s management, however, has defended its decision. The Head of the Information Unit at the university, Adejoke Alaga-Ibraheem, clarified that the directive for students to bring their mattresses and other personal items is primarily for health reasons. She noted that this practice is not new, and the institution is simultaneously working on renovating various hostels to improve living conditions for students.

“We asked the students to come with their own beddings for health reasons. That has been the practice for some time. It is not new,” Alaga-Ibraheem explained. “We are also working on the renovation of the various hostels. Some of them would be fully renovated before the students resume later in the month.”

She further addressed concerns about the adequacy of hostel fees to cover such items, acknowledging the challenging economic situation in the country. “The management is mindful of the welfare of the students, and we are making all efforts to make their stay on campus comfortable,” she reassured.

As tensions persist, students and their parents hope for a resolution that eases their financial burdens while ensuring their well-being on campus. UNILAG’s commitment to hostel renovations and the maintenance of student comfort remains a central point of discussion in this ongoing controversy.

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