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Senate Drama Erupts as Ndume and Akpabio Clash during Plenary


In a dramatic turn of events, the floor of the Senate witnessed a clash between Senate President Godswill Akpabio and Senate Chief Whip Ali Ndume on Tuesday. The dispute unfolded during the plenary session, as Ndume raised a point of order in protest against Akpabio’s handling of affairs within the upper chamber.

Ndume cited order 54 of the Senate Standing Orders and raised his point of order. However, the Senate President ruled him out of order, leading to a tense moment in the Senate. Following this ruling, Ndume staged a walkout and retreated to his office.

Surprisingly, Ndume received a call from a colleague, urging him to return to the chamber for an executive session shortly after leaving. The nature of the executive session and its implications remain unclear.

Nigerians took to the micro-blogging platform to express their reactions to the Senate drama, and here are some of the responses:

@riskandgrace expressed skepticism about the senators’ commitment to attending plenary and suggested that Ndume’s actions were driven by animosity toward Akpabio.

@TemiBeedie accused Akpabio of acting superior to other senators and criticized what they perceived as a “rubber stamp” Senate.

@Davidweizide questioned whether Senator Ndume should have been sacked instead of Senator Abbo, emphasizing that Akpabio’s actions were in question.

@nigerianpollz speculated about the possibility of the Senate President’s impeachment, suggesting that the individuals involved hold significant influence in the Senate.

@Sijibo71 lamented the perceived decline in Nigeria’s legislative effectiveness.

@rotilaw highlighted the importance of experience and seniority in leading legislative bodies due to their complex rules and procedures.

@abdulllsalimm described the situation as a “House of commotion,” reflecting the chaos in the Senate.

@chizzi_vincents expressed doubt that Akpabio might complete his tenure as Senate President.

@jamesagada emphasized the idea that the Senate President is first among equals and should not act as if they hold higher authority.

@OlaniyiTaofiq recalled a past incident when Senator Saraki suspended Ndume, hinting at possible further discord between Ndume and Akpabio.

@09Nasiir suggested that Akpabio lacked knowledge of Senate rules and appeared unwilling to learn them.

@aleeyu786 criticized Akpabio’s perceived arrogance and urged him to follow due process, or face potential removal.

@mmrajii90_raji predicted that Ndume might lead a revolt against Akpabio in the near future, as others join the effort to impeach Akpabio.

The clash between Senate President Akpabio and Senator Ndume has raised concerns and sparked debate among Nigerians about the state of the Senate and the conduct of its members. The situation remains dynamic, and its implications for the future of the Senate remain uncertain.

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