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Former Primary School Classmate Shares Insight into FCT Minister Nyesom Wike’s Character

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A self-identified former primary school classmate of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike, has offered a glimpse into the minister’s early years, describing him as a naturally dramatic person. Hon Augustina Anosike Ojide, who claims to have attended Orominike Primary School in D Line Port Harcourt with Wike during the 1970s, shared her recollections of their time together.

Ojide asserted that Nyesom Wike still exhibits child-like characteristics and expressed her concern when witnessing public criticism directed at the minister. She highlighted that, during their primary school days, Wike displayed qualities that hinted at his inclination for controversy and drama.

Drawing from her own experiences, Ojide urged those who frequently berate the former Rivers governor for his actions to take a more forgiving stance or allow him the space to express his naturally dramatic disposition.

Hon Augustina Anosike Ojide explained, “Wike, from childhood, has been a very dramatic person and could not behave differently now. My name is Hon Augustina Anosike Ojide. I am a farmer, transporter, and politician. I am currently a member of the PDP under which I had contested to represent my people at both the House of Assembly and Reps. Despite failing in my quest, I still remain a loyal PDP member. But that is not what I am here to talk about.”

Ojide, who emphasized her own political background, extended her defense of Nyesom Wike by referencing their shared history at Orominike Primary School, where he was a prominent figure as a member of the school’s marching band. She revealed that Wike’s dramatic flair was evident in his enthusiastic leadership of the band during morning march past, particularly when expertly handling the ceremonial Major’s mace.

In conclusion, Ojide appealed to those who criticize Wike for his numerous controversies, urging them to respect his distinctive gift for dramatizing events and his determined pursuit of his objectives.

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