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Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Hijack Bus in Benue State, Leaving One Dead and Several Injured

by Quicktell News

The Benue State Police Command has confirmed that a Benue Links bus traveling to Otukpo via the Naka road in Gwer West Local Government Area was attacked and hijacked by suspected Fulani herdsmen at Tyolaha village. The incident left one passenger dead and several others with varying degrees of injuries.

According to sources who reported the incident to Daily Post, this is not the first time that marauding herdsmen have carried out such violent acts against passengers on the poorly maintained road.

Tyolaha village has sadly become a hotbed for persistent attacks by suspected Fulani herdsmen. Residents expressed their frustration, revealing that approximately 15 herdsmen effortlessly overpowered their victims, preventing any resistance and making a swift escape.

The unrelenting attacks have forced many residents to flee their homes, and farmers have been compelled to relocate from the area due to the ongoing threats. Those who remain are now urgently appealing to the government and security forces for protection.

Benue State Police Public Relations Officer, Anekwe Catherine, confirmed the recent attack, stating, “A bus belonging to Benue Links, which was heading to Otukpo, was attacked by unknown gunmen, resulting in three individuals, including women, being wounded, and one fatality this morning.”

The recurring attacks in the region have raised concerns about the safety of travelers and residents in Tyolaha village and the need for more robust security measures to safeguard the lives and property of those living in the area. Authorities are under pressure to address the growing security challenges and provide a safe environment for the affected communities.

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