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Intending Couples in Kano Mass Wedding Screened Positive for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Pregnancy


In the lead-up to the proposed mass wedding initiated by Kano State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, it has been revealed that approximately 40 intending couples tested positive for various health issues, including Hepatitis B, HIV, sickle cell disease, and pregnancy.

The information was disclosed by the spokesperson of the Hisbah Board, Lawan Fagge, in a statement to the press.

According to Fagge, a comprehensive screening process was conducted for about 5,000 intending couples who had applied for participation in the mass wedding. The screening aimed to assess the health status of the candidates to ensure a healthy union. During this process, it was discovered that some of the applicants had underlying health conditions.

Fagge elaborated on the health issues encountered, stating, “About 40 male and female individuals were found to have Hepatitis B, while others presented with sickle cell disease, pregnancy, or HIV positivity.” As a result of these findings, the affected couples have been replaced with other eligible candidates in the ongoing mass wedding program.

The spokesperson further noted that the individuals who tested positive for these health conditions are currently undergoing counseling and receiving appropriate medical treatment over the next few months. He added that they might be considered for future participation in the mass wedding if they successfully complete the counseling and medication processes.

The Kano State Government has allocated a substantial budget of N854 million for the conduct of the mass weddings, which are intended to unite over 1,800 couples in the state. The program seeks to promote marital relationships and provide financial support to couples who may otherwise face challenges in organizing traditional weddings.

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