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First Lady’s Comments on President Tinubu’s Non-Magical Approach Ignite Online Reactions


The recent remarks made by Nigeria’s First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, during an Interdenominational Church service to mark Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary, have triggered a flurry of reactions on social media.

Mrs. Tinubu, while addressing the congregation at the National Christian Centre on Sunday, emphasized that her husband, President Tinubu, is not a magician but is dedicated to addressing the nation’s challenges.

She reiterated her husband’s commitment to advancing Nigeria’s position on the global stage, revealing that he had been engaging with international communities and investors. Mrs. Tinubu also underscored that the current administration had inherited problems that had accumulated over the years and was not seeking to assign blame but to rectify the damage.

“All we inherited are things that had happened many years ago. We are not here to put blame on any administration but to fix what has been damaged,” she stated. “My husband is not a magician; he is going to work, and I believe and hope that we will have peace in this country; the best is yet to come to us.”

However, her comments did not go unnoticed, and several netizens expressed their opinions on social media. Here are some of the reactions:

@blessed_ajoke: “Is that the reason things are getting worse?”

@iam_mmad: “Your husband is not a magician? Then how come he won the election?”

@ola_bode42: “So how did he win the election if he’s not a magician.”

@LawrenceOkoroPG: “Yes, we are aware… But we ain’t aware of his gender. That’s just the problem.”

@Xhaki_C: “Thought una say baba is capable which makes una stand on his mandate. So, how did he graduate from Chicago he makes university degrees appear from nowhere. He dumps our naira to 1$/N1000. Even the cassava, garri, Iwa ati agbado wey him promise us? If all these aren’t magic to you, then maybe the definition of a magician has changed lately, and we didn’t even notice.”

@imteeboi: “Tell them. We support you and your husband. Keep up doing your best.”

@DGiantOfAfrica: “Please let him resign. We need a magician.”

@Kekung__: “Them don start. Give me give me… them no give you, you now steal am. Now na excuse. Buhari Promax loading.”

The First Lady’s comments have sparked a lively online debate, with some questioning the efficacy of the administration’s efforts and others expressing their continued support. As Nigeria faces various challenges, including economic, security, and social issues, the conversation surrounding the government’s actions and the expectations of its citizens remains a prominent topic of discussion.

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