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Mixed Reactions Trail FCT Minister’s Car Donation to Traditional Rulers

by Quicktell News

The decision by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, to gift 10 Nissan Semi SUV cars to traditional rulers in Abuja has generated mixed reactions among the public.

Minister Wike announced the vehicle donation on Friday, citing it as a means to support the fight against insecurity in the region. He emphasized the importance of traditional rulers in curbing criminality and expressed his administration’s commitment to collaborating closely with them.

He stated, “Part of that is mobility. I can’t see how traditional rulers will be boarding taxis or entering public transport. That is unacceptable. President Bola Tinubu has directed that that should not be allowed to continue. He has asked that we do everything possible to make it convenient and easy for you to do your assignment.”

Wike’s gesture is in line with the renewed security agenda of President Tinubu, which calls for active participation from all stakeholders, including traditional rulers.

However, the move has sparked a range of responses on social media platforms. Some individuals have criticized the minister’s decision, questioning its relevance to improving security. Others have commended Wike for his initiative, viewing it as a positive step towards fostering collaboration between indigenous chiefs and the FCT ministry.

@Ab_it tweeted, “To improve security, you provide new vehicles for traditional rulers. Nyesom! Are you okay?”

@amjkingz, on the other hand, praised the decision, stating, “Very nice step. This is one of the ways to lure the indigenous chiefs to collaborate with the FCT ministry in development and security. I see nothing bad; he’s just doing the right thing.”

Political considerations also emerged in the discussions, with some suggesting that such gestures could influence voting patterns in the future. @juicy_christy noted, “When the time is right, they must pay back with their votes… nothing goes for nothing. Who no know Wike?”

However, concerns were raised about the use of public resources for this purpose. @Dickson Victory questioned, “People that have cars already, how does that help the poor masses?”

Despite the mixed reactions, some citizens expressed hope in Minister Wike’s leadership. @Alausa remarked, “God bless our Minister. You are a rare gem,” and urged him to remember specific communities in need.

This development has ignited a conversation about the allocation of resources and priorities in addressing security challenges in the Federal Capital Territory. As opinions continue to circulate, the impact of these vehicles on traditional rulers’ roles in maintaining security and development in the region remains to be seen.

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